Style Icons: Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson

So thought I’d get a headstart on Red Carpet Watch by going to Vogue’s website and letting them do the hard part. Browsing through their Best Dressed of the Week I found a few pictures of Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson, possibly the most stylish couple ever. This post then turned into Style Icons. And I think that most of this is due to her influence. She’s German, attended the Royal Ballet School in London, moved to Paris to be a model (later learning French and studying acting) and was Karl Lagerfeld’s muse. Clearly she’s awesome.

Internet browsing for one photo led me to many just for July. I can’t be this glamorous once a year let along a few times a week.

This is Diane totally playing up her Parisian lifestyle at Paris Haute Couture Week. And she looks stunning. The extra structure in the hips of the dress are just perfect. Especially as the rest of the outfit is subtle and not overpowering. And look at those red lips. Big fan of red lipstick here. Then there’s Josh. Laid back but still wearing a suit.

Look at their lapels! Both of them. Josh’s play up his height while Diane’s are wide to draw the eye and make the dress that bit more feminine. Love.

Now, generally speaking I’m not a fan of low v-necks on men. But… There’s no bad here. And Diane in a slinky skintight dress? This is why she was a model. (Red lipstick again! You go Diane!)

Now who doesn’t want Diane’s pyjama jacket? I do. I want to wear it like a leather jacket. And with everything. It’s super loose but that tied belt just gives it the edge to give her shape. And I like to believe that the lapel on her jacket was to play off Josh’s white shirt. I can dream.

S x


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