Happy Nolan Day!

*blows party blowout*

Happy Nolan Day everyone! Today is the first instalment dedicated to the gorgeous Nolan Ross from the US TV show ‘Revenge’ and his fantastic outfits.

As you know, DTSFT is all about style, men’s style in particular, and I think that Mr. Ross has it in spades. His clothes are usually tailored to drape around his slender/athletic frame in either eye-popping candy colours or sleek and neutral tones, with matching (or clashing, but in a good way) accessories to match – and loafers/boat shoes are compulsory. Not only do his killer one-liners steal every scene (“the homicidal stripper version of Whack-A-Mole”) but so does what he wears. Seriously, every time he appears on camera you’re immediately drawn to it. To put it simply, this man KNOWS style, and isn’t afraid to show it. And since the actor Gabriel Mann, who plays him, used to be a model, my guess is that he knows a thing or two about style as well, and probably had some input.

So let’s get the party started, shall we?

This is a screencap my fellow DTSFT colleague picked up from tonight’s episode (if you’re in the UK, it’s on at 9pm on E4):

I wonder if he has matching pyjamas…

I just love this dressing gown. It’s ‘sweeping’ and very elegant, and because Mr. Mann is quite tall he makes the vintage pattern work perfectly because there’s a lot of it (whereas me, who is about 5-foot-something, would be considerably swamped in this thing, but I’d still wear it and run around the house pretending to be lord of the manor or a superhero). It looks quite comfortable too, something you could lounge around the house and watch TV and eat all day in…but other than that, let’s face it, who doesn’t want a nice big slice of freshly tousled Nolan in the morning? I know I do. With lots of butter and marmalade. And a cup of sweet tea.

Even at the ‘crack-a-yak’ Nolan Ross always delivers in the fashion department

So tune in to ‘Revenge’ Season 1 Episode 8 (‘Treachery’) tonight at 9pm on E4 and see for yourself. At the Haus of Nolan, all are welcome.

P.S. I’m ashamed to say that I had to look up ‘party blowout’. If you don’t know what a party blowout is, click here, but you’ll probably then realise that you do: http://www.tradeget.com/free_list/p60817/F17610/party_blowouts.html



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