Five reasons why Thor: The Dark World and Captain America: The Winter Soldier will be more awesome than your mum


1) The Dark World will be the first outing for these characters since the brilliant Avengers Assemble back at the start of the summer. Avengers, with its paint box colours and its schwarma, set a new benchmark for superhero films, proving that they didn’t have to be dark and moody to be entertaining. That said, fans will be expecting a LOT from what comes next. Everyone knows they need to bring their A game, and both films with reflect that.

2) The leading men. Have you seen Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans aka The Chrises aka Chris to the power of 2? Both are funny, sparky, passionate men who would probably giggle adorably if you tickled their feet, which makes them perfect. They fit their roles incredibly well, so it’ll be good to see them don their respective cape/shield for a third time.

3) BLAM. Another witty Stan Lee cameo fo’ yo’ asses. Well nothing is definite, but Lee and his silver mane are bound to crop up somewhere, which is always a treat for those in the know.  Can anything beat the Amazing Spider-Man or the Avengers cameos though?Spider-Man or the Avengers cameos though?


4) Villainy, villainy, wondrous villainy. New superhero outings can only mean new baddies to screw with things. In light of the departure of Mads Mikkelson from The Dark World, there’s a massive nemesis- shaped gap to be filled to be filled in Thor 2. Who by? Anyone’s guess. But think about the phrase The Dark World. Numerous sources have suggested that the sequel will explore the more grim side of Thor’s home. Think of it as a trip through the hood of Asgard. Colour us intrigued!

The Winter Soldier might see the return of Steve Rogers’ supposedly late best friend Bucky, only the Russians have got to him and turned your man into the ruthless assassin of the title. Will Sebastian Stan come back for the part? Here’s hoping. And as the film described as the closest linked to Avengers – will he be calling on any of his super best friends to help him out?

5) As it stands, neither film will star Martin Lawrence. Which is always a plus.


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